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We have to spoil the environment in which we must live.” We don’t need to be like the lords and we must have an ethical point in our work, true to a certain requirement of professional ethics. The digital ecosystem has changed by the emergence of social networks that are the biggest revolution in the last five years. The SEO, who lived in that ecosystem, as it has changed, is influenced by RRSS and must adapt to survive.


We cannot continue with the idea of doing SEO in isolating from other strategies but a more holistic thinking. The results of combining SEO and Social have three connection points. SEO and social networks must share objectives and strategy; content strategy should share, and must work together on improving the relevance

Two types of targets

First is customer who is not interested in selling anything -Les branding and second is customer who is selling something. The first is interested in SEO because it generates publicity and visibility impacts. In the second case, they are interested in conversion and sales.

We want traffic

Is traffic really provided by social networks? Displays traffic data with limited social networks percentages of visits from social networks. But considering the content they are watching these visits, we realize that there are certain things that work better in social networks.

Social networks are capable of directing much concurrent traffic in a very short period of time, but if you’re not prepared to convert that traffic it can be a problem.

If social networks do not bring traffic, perhaps the fault of the model, share on social networks exactly the same content on the web, so do not bring value. Are we doing well enough?

There are also strange things. Considering the social networking traffic by segmenting visitors from mobile devices, then we see that the percentage of traffic is much higher: socialize more from mobile terminals.

Let’s not be blind


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SEO isn’t the only thing we should consider, we also need to look for Brand recognition. Some companies can get great value for visitors and brand awareness that can generate in their presence by using Facebook.

Do users engage in social networks? No one is able to know the established and exact attribution of sales for Facebook fans. Some studies attempt to shed light on the matter and found the correlation between people who are on social networks and sales reported. In the end, the conclusion is that the higher the online impact, it generates more sales.

But sometimes when we look for Analytics data it gives very poor conversion results for visits from social networks. Some shows an example of very low conversion for a specific case; we must try to find models that are suitable to social networking. The social networking traffic should be applied and interpreted in the context.

Display and search helps users to discover a new product. Then you may increase the user’s interest into a product and increase their preference at the same. So it is logical that we can expect a certain degree of influence on the degree of conversion.

Social networks such as SEO, influences the purchase decision.



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We speak of Contents: On what we write? There’s a little differentiation on the topics we write because we start with the suggestions of the same tools: Google Keyword Tool, Raven Tools, SEMRush and forget the Community Manager which received a lot of input on people’s interest in certain topics. “It is the human algorithm that determines the quality of content that we can generate.”

The SEO should not be paid for hours: you should charge for value and results, not for the time you spend. Find different content you can use.

This is true not only for social networking but for your own website, giving users the opportunity to generate content in their own, the same with the uses of searches can increase the SEO visibility.

Also be quick to write content and to generate it. Content may catch people’s interest and increase your traffic. There are triggers in searching social networks, if we are attentive we can use this to generate content and shoot our traffic, born of the trending topics traffic spikes.

The important thing is to adapt the content to real time: the contents become prominent in the home that matches the trending topics on Twitter using the API.

Social networks are a great source of content distribution that can be generated link building “white hat” and to identify topics of interest.

The social media consultant at Platinum Web Media has number of years of combined experience in social media marketing. We have helped many businesses in building a high performance and social visits.

Popularity and Relevance

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Does it affect the rankings? They want us to believe that influence is real. Today, the findings are inconclusive. Experiments give different results, so I don’t really know the relevance of influence in social graph to social networks. Soon I can tell. Sometimes what works today may not work tomorrow.

Precisely there are factor of serenity and credibility in social networks. We do not know what will happen in the future. The author is promoting credibility that supports content. So, in the future the results will be interesting.

Google Plus also has a company profile so we’ll see how this influences a brand and credibility.

Things have impact: CTR impacts the influence by recommendations in the +1 result. There is an impact on CTR, so the impact on SERPS strategies could be move to “black hat”: fire a +1 to click a link etc.

Social networks anticipate on which areas I can skyrocket searches, CTR and conversions. It can be seen an improvement in the behavior of visitors from certain areas of interest.

There is correlation traffic to be explored so we can understand the pattern of influence.


Treat people well because social networking can be a great traffic generator.

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